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2024 DPW Leads: Iva, Bootstrap, Aurora, Spencer


The Department of Public Works is responsible for preparing the land ahead of the event, as well as for setting up, maintaining, and removing Firefly infrastructure. The core focuses on different tasks before, during, and after the event:

Work Weekends (June):
  • Inventory, repair & service tools & equipment
  • Build and maintain trails (drainage, graveling)
  • Build & repair bridges (carpentry)
  • Clear fallen trees (chainsawing, log splitting, wood chipping)
  • Mow, weed wack, and rake
  • Build Firefly structures
  • Prepare trail lighting
  • Assist Bug and Temple crews
Early Arrival & During Event:
  • Lay out power cables, set up generators and keep them gassed up
  • Install trail lighting
  • Supply water to Kitchen, Core HQs, and Steambath
  • Transport art
  • Assist with stuffing the Bug and Temple full of wood on burn days
  • Handle emergencies that require trail maintenance, use of chainsaws or other tools, or use of Polaris (for purposes other than Medical or Accessibility)
Exodus & Late Crew:
  • Transport art
  • Disassemble & inventory Firefly infrastructure; pack & deliver to storage
  • Service Generators and other tools & equipment and prepare them for being stored away

How to volunteer:

As long as you’re willing to get dirty and sweaty, we will have something for you to do:

  • Join our mailing list. Announcements about meetings, and volunteer schedules will be sent out as the event approaches. We won’t spam you.
  • Sign up for shifts during the event here:
  • Come to the Work Weekends!
  • Find a DPW lead on site and offer to help.

DPW leadership opportunities: 

We seek people with DPW experience (from Firefly or other burns) and folks with broad skill sets (e.g. carpentry, lumberjacking, landscaping, off-road driving, driving trucks with trailers). You should be prepared to attend pre-event meetings, contribute to most of the Work Weekends, be on site for Early Arrival, lead a volunteer team during the event, and stay through Exodus. If you’re interested, send an email to or reach out to one of the DPW leads in person.

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