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Anyone who was directly affected by or witnessed behavior that was dangerous or harmful to you or others.

Any behavior or pattern of behavior that you feel is unsafe or harmful to you or others, makes you feel afraid or threatened, or could endanger Firefly Arts Collective’s ability to continue to hold events.

Anyone whose behavior causes you concern.  All reports will be handled equitably regardless of who is involved or their role.

Reports will be taken seriously and handled appropriately regardless of when they are made.

Yes. If you feel any individual’s behavior in other, non-Firefly contexts suggests they might present an ongoing problem to the Firefly community, express your concerns at any time using the same Firefly Incident Report Form.

At any time, you can report an issue by using the online Firefly Incident Report Form. Given the time it takes to fully respond to reports, the Conduct Committee goes on hiatus two weeks before the annual festival–during this time, pressing issues can be dealt with directly by the Board,

At the annual festival, approach any Ranger or speak with a staffer at Ranger HQ.

If you have questions about how or whether to make a report, contact the Conduct Committee at

The Conduct Committee is a deliberative and investigatory group which will look into your report, talk to the people involved, and make recommendations for actions to the Firefly Board of Directors. Below is a summary, please see the procedure page for more details.

The Conduct Committee will receive your report and assign two investigators to you. They will explain in detail what the possible outcomes are as well as next steps. Unless you wish to simply provide information, the investigators may interview witnesses and the reportee (the person the report is about). The Conduct Committee must interview the reportee before recommending the Board take any action. You will be informed of any action the Board takes in connection with your report.

After investigation, the Conduct Committee can make one of the following recommendations of action to the Board.

  • Provide an official warning.
  • Bar a participant from volunteering in particular capacities or in any capacity.
  • Ban an individual from Firefly events for either one year or indefinitely.
  • Archive the information and recommend no action.

The Board reserves the right to take the following actions at any time:

  • Request that someone who is causing problems change their behavior in the form of an official warning.
  • Prevent someone from volunteering in particular capacities or in any capacity.
  • Revoke access to some or all events.
  • Revoke tickets to events.
  • Involve venue security.
  • Involve local law enforcement.
  • Deny access to Firefly events temporarily or indefinitely.
  • Choose not to take action.

While some of these actions may be taken by event organizers at the time an incident occurs, others may result from investigations and discussions undertaken by the Board and Conduct Committee. We will do our best to balance the needs of all involved parties and the needs of the event when they conflict.

We will not reveal your identity or details without your explicit consent in order to obtain information about the incident or take action related to the incident. See our confidentiality policy for more details.

We will not take any sort of retaliatory action against you for reporting, or not reporting, a problem in good faith.

We will not make a recommendation for action without interviewing the person the report is about (the reportee).

While we will always err on the side of safety and treating all reports as true, we will not assume that a report being made automatically means that action needs to be taken.

The Conduct Committee will receive the report and assign two investigators. They will interview you and explain in detail what the possible outcomes are as well as next steps. The investigators will also interview witnesses and the reporter. The Conduct Committee will not recommend the Board take any action without first interviewing you. You will be informed of any action the Board takes in connection with the report, including taking no action.

If after interviewing you the Conduct Committee determines that no violation occurred, we will inform you that no action will be recommended to the Board.

If someone deliberately makes a false report about you, we will take appropriate action in response.

Please see the procedure page for more details.

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