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DPW Leads: Iva + Dieselbear

The Department of Public Works is responsible for building, assembling, maintaining, and removing the infrastructure that makes Firefly happen. We play with power tools, drive off-road, chainsaw trees, and dump gas on things before we burn them to the ground. In addition to the DPW-specific tasks, we assist other cores with “heavy lifting”, and take on new responsibilities as needed. The core focuses on differen tasks before, during, and after the event:

Work Weekends:

  • Arrive on the Firefly land during the weekends leading up to the event
  • Build new trails, bridges, walkways
  • Repair and clear old trails, bridges, walkways
  • Assist in structure assembly for Rangers, Kitchen, and Sanctuary
  • Clear fallen trees, and dead trees in danger of falling
  • Help collect wood for the Bug
  • Distribute firewood to camps
  • Dig trenches to keep trails dry
  • Mow the fields
  • Build other interesting features

Early Arrival:

  • Arrive at Firefly the day before the event
  • Place traction mats in slippery/swampy/soft areas
  • Set up snow fencing
  • Install trail lighting
  • Distribute signage
  • Disassemble stone walls
  • Transport art installations

During the Event:

  • Stay on-comm with a radio
  • Keep generators gassed up; refill gas cans
  • Restock porta-potties with toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • Supply water to Kitchen and Steam Bath
  • Transport art materials around the event
  • Spread gravel, dig trenches, move traction mats as needed to mitigate mud
  • Maintain trails, bridges, and other infrastructure
  • Extract cars, trucks, and vans from the mud
  • Handle any other emergencies that require tools and/or heavy lifting


  • Stay a few hours after the end of the event
  • Collect trail lighting
  • Assist with disassembling Ranger/Kitchen/Sanctuary structures
  • Collect traction mats
  • Take down snow fence
  • Pack the Firefly infrastructure away for next year
  • Pack out and transport art projects
  • Reassemble stone walls
  • Help LNT do their job!


How to volunteer:

The DPW has many opportunities for everyone to contribute. As long as you’re willing to get dirty and sweaty, we have something for you to do. Unlike other Firefly Cores, we are most active before and after the event. Ways to volunteer are:

  • Join our mailing list. Announcements about meetings, scheduling, and volunteer needs will be sent out as the event approaches. We won’t spam you.
  • Sign up for shifts during the event here:
  • Come to the Work Weekends and help us build things.
  • Find us on site and offer to help.

DPW leadership opportunities are also available. We seek people with DPW experience (from Firefly or other burns), and people with the broad skill set the job entails (e.g. carpentry, lumberjacking, off-road driving, landscaping, and at least some basic social skills). You should be prepared to attend our pre-event meetings, contribute to most of the Work Weekends, be on site for Early Arrival, lead a volunteer team during the event, and stay through Exodus until the job is done. If you think you’ve got the chops, send us an email or talk to one of the DPW leaders in person.

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