Core Co-Leaders: Ozx, L-Train, Matt Fries

The Department of Public Works (aka Drunk People Welding, Driving Polarises Wasted) is responsible for building, assembling, maintaining, and removing the infrastructure that makes Firefly happen. In addition to the DPW-specific tasks, we also try to assist other cores with any “heavy lifting”, and take on new responsibilities as needed. The core is broken down into several crews that take action at different times before, during, and after the event.

Work Weekend Crew

  • Arrive on the Firefly land during the weekends leading up to the event
  • Build new trails, bridges, walkways
  • Repair and clear old trails, bridges, walkways
  • Set up structures for Ranger Station and Bass Camp
  • Clear fallen trees, and dead trees in danger of falling
  • Help collect wood for the Bug
  • Distribute firewood to camps
  • Dig trenches to keep trails dry
  • Build other interesting features

Setup Crew

  • Arrive at Firefly the day before the event
  • Assemble information kiosks
  • Place pedestrian traction mats in slippery/swampy/soft areas of trails
  • Place vehicle traction mats in soft areas of access road
  • Set up snow fencing
  • Install trail lighting
  • Help transport art installations

Event Crew

  • Stay on-comm with a radio
  • Refill generators, gas cans, porta-potties with toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • Transport art materials and disabled patrons around the event
  • Spread gravel, dig trenches, move traction mats as needed to mitigate mud
  • Maintain trails, bridges, and other infrastructure
  • Extract cars, trucks, and vans from the mud

Breakdown Crew

  • Stay a few hours after the end of the event
  • Collect trail lighting
  • Disassemble Ranger Stations and Bass Camp
  • Disassemble information kiosks
  • Collect pedestrian and vehicle traction mats
  • Take down snow fence
  • Pack the Firefly infrastructure away for next year
  • Pack out and transport art projects
  • Help LNT do their job!

Ready to help? Send us an email at the addy above, tell us a bit about yourself and how you’d like to contribute, and we’ll add you to our announcement list. Bask in the knowledge that you are one of the people who Gets Shit Done, and watch as your Firefly is magically showered with good karma.

If you want to contribute to the DPW, join our mailing list. We’ll send out an email in early May with details on the Work Weekends in June and how to sign up for them. More DPW opportunities will follow, but we won’t spam you, so keep an eye out. Subscribe yourself to the mailing list here.