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The below criteria cover a broad variety of concepts to consider and discuss while evaluating new event proposals under Firefly’s Experimental Burn Sponsorship Program.  These are not all requirements; it is not expected that a proposal include vast differences from Firefly in multiple major ways, but a successful proposal will likely differ in at least one way. Criteria around legality and lack of personal profit will be considered more strictly. Concerns around practicality will be addressed directly as feedback to the applicant, to allow for revision or elaboration.

This page is currently a draft of criteria, as part of our call for public discussion about Firefly sponsorship for new events, so that we can better understand what criteria are a priority to the Firefly community as part of the proposal and selection process.  We invite you to take the time now to discuss this idea, identify other participants with similar experimental interests, and prepare to create proposals for the Firefly Board of Directors and greater Firefly community to consider.

In addition to this set of draft criteria, we have also shared a program overview as well as a draft event proposal questionnaire.  We welcome feedback on these, or any aspect of this process, via this form or in email to

The Basics

  • Does the scope and location of the proposal align with our intent to support experimental Burn events that grow out of the Firefly community?
  • Are the organizers in good standing in our community? (e.g. not the subject of adverse ConComm decisions, Board decisions, general community regard and history)
  • Does the proposal clearly operate as a non-profit?
  • Does the proposal indicate that the event will operate in compliance with all applicable laws?

Philosophy and Organization

  • Does the proposal take inspiration from the Ten Principles as a base of guidance?
    • Radical Inclusion: Is the proposal inclusive of new participants?
    • Gifting: Does the proposal encourage gifting, or does it promote transactional exchanges?
    • Decommodification: Is the proposal free from commercial branding and commoditization?
    • Radical Self-Reliance: Does the proposal promote personal self-discovery and inner growth?
    • Radical Self-Expression: Does the proposal encourage individual, unique, and experimental expression?
    • Communal Effort: Does the proposal promote cooperation and collaboration?
    • Civic Responsibility: Does the proposal foster a group responsibility to both the immediate community and the larger world?
    • Leave No Trace: Does the proposal have a plan to respect the environment and have participants clean up after themselves?
    • Participation: Does the proposal invite individual participation in both planning and experience?
    • Immediacy:  Does the proposal attempt to draw participants out of their day-to-day happenings, engage them actively in the event, and open their minds to new ideas?
  • Does the proposal relate to other Burn Principles proposed in other regions, or that we have identified?
    • Consent: Does the proposal recognize and encourage the personal physical autonomy of all participants, and educate or enforce this within the community?
    • Gratitude: Does the proposal recognize and encourage the contributions of all members of the community?
    • Diversity: Does the proposal consider specific steps to make its community representative of local demographics, and make minority participants feel welcomed and included?
  • Do the mission and philosophy statements set forth a coherent view of the intent of the new event and community?
  • Is the proposed organizational structure practical in operation?

Experimentation and Differentiation

  • Do the mission and philosophy statements define how the proposal differs from Firefly and other similar events?
  • Does the proposal meaningfully differ from Firefly and other similar events?
  • Does the proposal define an aspirational philosophy that can engage and inspire participants?
  • Does the proposal describe a view of long-term impact that extends beyond the event, participants, and immediate community?
  • Are new organizational principles thoughtful, consistent, and promoting of experimentation?
  • Is the proposed organizational structure uncommon, unusual, or otherwise intriguing?
  • Does the proposed organizational structure support the philosophy and principles of the event, and vice-versa?
  • Are the proposed sound policies different or experimental compared with other events?
  • Are the proposed fire policies different or experimental compared with other events?
  • Is the proposed community infrastructure different or experimental compared with other events?
  • Are the types of art encouraged (or discouraged) different or experimental compared with other events?
  • Is the art grant program (if present) different or experimental in structure?
  • Are event transportation policies different or experimental compared with other events?
  • Are there novel approaches to fundraising for the event and community?
  • Does the proposal include novel approaches to community engagement throughout the planning and execution of the event?
  • Does the proposal engage the community in a year-round way, beyond just a single yearly event?

Operation and Logistics

  • Is the proposed operational framework consistent with the operation of a safe event at the proposed scale?
  • Are the proposed sound policies practical?
  • Are the proposed fire policies practical?
  • Are the proposed aspects of community infrastructure practical?
  • Is the proposed art grant program sustainable?
  • Is the proposed transportation program practical?

Budget, Fundraising, and Support

  • Is the proposed budget realistic and practical for sustainable operation of the event?
  • Is the requested non-financial support realistic for Firefly Arts Collective to offer?
  • Is the requested financial support realistic based on FAC’s current reserves and budget?
  • Are the additional fundraising plans, if any, realistic and practical?
  • Are the community expectations on support during the planning and execution of the event pragmatic?
  • Are the proposed year-round engagements with the community practical given resources and volunteer time?
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