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We Still Need More Art Grant Reviewers!

Art Grants needs your help! We only have a few reviewers signed up so far, and NOBODY signed up to review the Temple Grants! And the first meeting is 2/15 aka NEXT WEEK ZOMG. The temple is easy! It will…

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Now Seeking Reviewers for Art Grants!

Interested in helping bring art to Firefly? Want to help choose what kind of projects are funded for the event? We've got a new round of grant applications coming in, which means we need another round of committee members! This…

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Now Accepting Temple Grant 2024 Submissions!

The Firefly 2024 Art Grants season has officially begun! The Temple Grant is accepting submissions starting today: Temple Grant: up to $2,000 The Temple Grant supports the creation of the Temple at Firefly Arts Festival each year. The Temple aims…

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Firefly 2024 Official Dates!

Welcome to 2024! We've got some dates! You can also eat these with cheese, but it might get kinda weird but probably still delicious! Work Weekends: June 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, optionally 28-30 Early Arrival: Monday, July 1 Event Begins: Tuesday,…

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