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Seeking Feedback on the Firefly Board of Directors and Candidates

(tl;dr: Please provide your feedback, particularly on candidates, via by Sunday, September 17th!) Dear Fireflies, Earlier this spring we sent out our periodic open call for interest in joining the Board of Directors of Firefly Arts Collective. We received…

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Community Statement on July 7 Medical Emergency

Dear Fireflies, Many of you may have witnessed emergency vehicles and personnel on Friday night. In the interest of community transparency and to address community questions we would like to share the following information. On the evening of Friday, July…

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Firefly Express Bus Rider Ticket!

We will be offering a limited number of additional combined event + bus tickets (First Come, First Serve), which will go on sale Wednesday 6/28 at noon on the ticketing page, . These tickets will be available to anyone…

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Camps: Host a Sparkle Pony Express Mail Outpost!!

MAIL OUTPOSTS WANTED! Do you want to host a Post Office Outpost for the Sparkle Pony Express? Bring a mailbox to Firefly and contact with the subject line "Post Office Outpost" to let us know where it will be!…

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Meet Fireflies as part of the Sparkle Pony Express!

The Sparkle Pony Express is looking for volunteers to help deliver mail (and smiles) around Firefly! This year, we’re looking for volunteer Postal Workers and Mail Delivery Creatures. During a Postal Worker shift, you will hang out at the Post…

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Firefly Adult (18+) Camps Best Practices

A few years ago, several of the Firefly theme camps with adult topics got together and produced a collection of "best practices" for adult camps. These include standard signs and safeguards that allow adult camps to be fully part of…

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Gear Truck Organizer Wanted

Gear Truck Organizer Wanted In past years, we have had a box truck go up to Firefly alongside the bus.  This year, none of Bus Core is available to organize the truck, but Firefly is a volunteer organization and a…

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Bus Tickets Now on Sale

Bus Tickets Now On Sale  Bus tickets are also now on sale for ticketed participants, and can also be purchased via the ticketing dashboard. Bus tickets are $60 for a round trip ticket, or $45 for one-way.  The buses will…

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Accessibility Transportation

Accessibility Transportation  If you have trouble getting around and are worrying about how to get your things up the hill, Accessibility would like to help you out! More information can be found here Please Note:  Accessibility Transport is intended only…

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DPW Art Transport up the hill

DPW Art Transportation  Are you bringing art which you will need help getting up the hill into the woods? DPW is happy to offer assistance with Polarises and trailers. Fill out this Art Transport Request Form to let us know…

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Placement/Work Weekend 2 Info

Work Weekend #2 - aka Placement for Theme Camps & Art (June 16-18) We had a very successful and productive first Work Weekend, and hope to do just as well with the second! This is also when Theme Camps and…

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Art Truck Survey! Artists, respond!

Hello lovely art-truck using Fireflies! Thank you all for your patience while truck load details have been coming together. We got what you need (information) and now we need what you got (different information). The art truck survey is linked…

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Parking Passes now on sale!

Parking passes are now on sale for ticketed participants. You can buy a parking pass by visiting your ticketing dashboard. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Passes are $30 online through June 30th, 2023, and $60 at the gate. Each car needs a…

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Kids Camp at Firefly

Bringing kids to Firefly and want to coordinate? There are community resources for parents and guardians of children at the event, and an accessible and quiet Kids Camp area near lower parking. Whether or not you would like to camp…

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Smol Grant Submissions Now Open

Over the years, the Firefly Arts Collective (FAC) has been proud to provide grant support to Firefly artists to enable them to express and fulfill their varied creative visions. These grants are intended to support and promote radically-expressive, community-based, interactive…

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Now Open: Creativity Grants, Round 2 for Firefly 2023!

Round 2 of Firefly 2023 Creativity Grant Submissions Are Now Open!

Did you miss your chance to submit a proposal for Creativity Grants last month? You have another chance!

Over the years, the Firefly Arts Collective (FAC) has been proud to provide grant support to Firefly artists to enable them to express and fulfill their varied creative visions. These grants are intended to support and promote radically-expressive, community-based, interactive and/or collaborative projects that help define and shape the creative core of the event.

Art is a central part of Firefly, and the event wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful pieces that have been brought to Vermont over the years. Bringing art is a great way to add a piece of yourself to the event and contribute/participate in a meaningful way.

We are now accepting applications for our primary grant category, the Creativity Grant! This grant is intended for all your ideas for new art – everything from traditional art like sculpture, to immersive spaces, to silly little games. For more details, check out the grant page here.

Creativity Grants are available in tiers from $150 to $1000. Please indicate which tier you are applying for in your grant application (you may apply for multiple tiers!).

Submissions Due: 4/2/2023

How to submit?

Via the Art Grant Portal: (

If you’ve submitted a grant proposal, your account will still be active. Just sign in with your previous username and password.

What to know more about Firefly Art Grants in general?

See our page on the Firefly website .

Other questions?

Email us:


Firefly Art Grant Core

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