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Fire Spinning Circles at Firefly

Hello all fire spinners and camps who want to have a spinning circle! It doesn't matter if your camp has had a spinning circle in previous years or if your camp has never had one. You need to contact me,…

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The State of Sanctuary 2019 Address

Hi Firefly! Below you'll find the answer to questions like "Is Sanctuary happening this year?" and "What have the 2019 Sanctuary Co-Leads been up to?" For information on what Sanctuary is and how to volunteer, go here. Why Sanctuary will…

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Volunteers Wanted

Firefly is in need of a few good participants to help make all parts of Firefly run smoothly. Co-leads work with other co-leads and overall there is not a lot of work, just work that needs to be done! Any…

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Smol Grants Submissions Open

Smol grants are awarded in amounts between $40 and $99 for art projects at Firefly of a smaller size or scope. Smol grants will be awarded on a rolling basis, so apply early to maximize your chances of being approved!…

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