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Confidentiality Policy for Conduct Committee Members

This policy has been signed by all members of the Conduct Committee. In order to ensure the safety and privacy of all Firefly participants involved in a Conduct Committee process, it is the policy of the Conduct Committee to protect…

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Conduct Committee Call for Members

We would like to invite Fireflies to take part in the important work of keeping our community safer by serving for a year-long term on the Conduct Committee. Prospective Conduct Committee members will need to have taken the BARCC training…

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Conduct Committee

The Conduct Committee, established March 2015, is served by a dedicated group of Fireflies that have received specialized training from the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, have been vetted by the board of directors as well as the Firefly community,…

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Warning and Ban Policy

Members of the Firefly community may receive a formal warning letter or a formal ban letter from the Firefly Arts Collective Board of Directors. Individuals may be banned from attending some or all Firefly events, or barred from volunteering in…

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Investigatory Philosophy and Procedure

Goal of a Conduct Committee Investigation Our goal is to gather enough information to be able to make a fair and reasonable recommendation whether to allow someone continued access to events or volunteer infrastructure. Our responsibilities are to: Document each…

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Conduct Committee Policies

If you're looking for general information about the Conduct Committee's goals and membership, find it on the Conduct Committee page. Conduct Committee Policies Reporting Incidents FAQ Investigatory Philosophy and Procedure Firefly Incident Report Form  (Airtable form) Confidentiality Policy for Conduct…

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