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Tickets for Sale Now.

Sign up NOW and get on the waitlist!

The waitlist is (reasonably) short this year, if you haven’t registered, sign up NOW to get on!

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Firefly!  Tuesday 3 July through Sunday 8 July 2018, in Vermont, around a thousand participants.

Firefly has developed a ticket process which uses non-transferable refundable tickets, a lottery to allocate initial ticket offers, and an automated waitlist system.

The ticket process is simpler than previous years:  it is now entirely online.

  1. Each participant seeking a ticket signs up on the Firefly Ticketing website.  Register between 1 and 15 April to be included in the lottery.
  2. Lottery registration is closed, the lottery was held on 17 April to put all registrations in random order.
  3. Ticket offers have been sent to the top entries on the list, and a waitlist created for ticket turnover after that.
  4. Folks who register after 15 April are added to the end of the waitlist in the order they register.
  5. If you have a ticket offer, pay for it within five days or the next person on the waitlist will get it!
  6. Tickets are non-transferable and tied to your name and birth date. If you can’t attend, you can–and should!–return your ticket for a refund so it can be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

A super short version of what to do right now is available: Tickets TL;DR.

Information about all the details of the ticketing process is on the Omnibus Ticket Information Page.

Ticket price is $80 + processing fees.  If ticket cost would keep you from participating in Firefly, please see the page for our new assistance program (replacing the Scholarship Tickets of ’16 and ’17).

As always, send your questions, comments, concerns, and thematically-appropriate capybara pictures (but please, no bribes) to


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