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2018 Event Submissions are Open!

The WhatWhereWhen (WWW Guide) is Firefly’s calendar of community-hosted events happening in the woods.  Events are added to our WhatWhereWhen google calendar (below) that anyone can view, print, subscribe to, and download.

Want to put an event in the Guide?  Add it using this form:

Submit an Event for Firefly 2018

–  Create one ‘event’ per instance. Example: for a recurring happy hour every day of Firefly: you’ll need to submit one event for Wed, one event for Thurs, one for Friday, etc.
–  Be sure the year and date are correct! Double check start and end times!
–  When done, PLEASE COPY & SAVE YOUR EDIT LINK, in case you want to make any changes later.  See tech details bottom of page if you get stuck.

Some events we know of…

Tues – July 3, Noon — Gates Open; Firefly Begins

Fri – July 6, 3:00pm — Mx Firefly Pageant  @ Diode
Fri – July 6, after dusk — Bug Burn  @the Field (dusk for gathering/conclave; bug burns thereafter)

Sat – July 7, after dusk — Silent Burn of the Temple  @ the Field (burn time TBD by Temple crew)

Sun – July 8, 11:00am — Event Ends; Exodus Begins

Calendar View

Calendar ID:

Stylish List ‘Pretty Print’ View
For a print-friendly list version of the WhatWhereWhen, point your browser to

Did you submit an event but it didn’t do what you expect?
–  Allow 30 minutes for events to appear in the google calendar (below), or 1 hour for it to show up in the pretty-print version over at cabanahammock.
– If your event does not appear on the calendar; or if you encounter other issues… email – and we’ll help if we can.



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