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You Can Help Organize Firefly

The list on this page is out-of-date, but if you’re like to do anything to organize Firefly this year, just email!  Thank You!


Firefly’s organizational tasks are divided into what we call Clusters that contain Cores. You’ve probably even heard of a few of the Cores (Parking, Gate, Greeters, DPW, etc). Each core is run by volunteer Core Co-Leads. Ideally, we’d like to have 2 to 3 co-leads with the hope that one co-lead has experience leading that core and the other co-lead is new and excited to help with their fresh ideas. This is where YOU come in! You have ideas for how you’d like to shape Firefly, right?

We’ve begun the planning process for this year’s event and there are some new openings. Experience in a core is preferred before becoming a lead, but, that varies by core and is not a firm requirement. If interested or you have questions, contact the Cluster/Core leads using the email address supplied with each help request.

Leave No Trace Core looking for Co-lead

Leave No Trace is responsible for making sure Firefly land is in as good (or better!) condition when we leave as it was when we arrived on the property. LNT is also responsible for any items left in the Lost and Found at the end of the event.  Finally, the LNT late crew marks locations of MOOP to be put into a post-Burn MOOP Map.

Core Functions

  • Deal with MOOP (Matter Out of Place)
  • Set up and manage Lost and Found box at event
  • Encourage people to take recycling and trash away from site
  • At the end of Firefly, Field and Late Crew take MOOP walks through the woods and camps, clean up any MOOP found, make sure everything looks natural, and document any problem areas
  • Moop Map

If you are interested or have questions about the role, email for more info.

Seeking Accessibility Core Co-leads

We are seeking two co-leads for Accessibility Core. You will coordinate volunteers to make Firefly more accessible to the community! You will work with community members to ensure their needs are met to the best of our abilities. Also, you may even get to drive a Polaris!

Please note that the only requirement for this position is enthusiasm for helping your fellow Fireflies.

Your responsibilities would be:

  • Work with Safety and GTFO to develop procedures to safely load participants on and off the hill
  • Coordinate volunteers to provide assistance during the event
  • Advocate for accessibility in other parts of the Firefly organization as needed
  • Timely and helpful responses to questions from the festival organizers and other volunteers
  • Written up data and reflections after the Festival to facilitate process improvements

As a co-lead you will have the guidance and support of Safety co-Lead Oryx and a disability advocate from the community.

If you have interest or questions, email Volunteers make it happen!

Sign Core looking for new Co-Lead for 2020

Signage takes care of things like: street signs, important safety signs & PSAs, laminates, information, directions, shrines, and puns (and so much more!). Sign Core, in partnership with Placement Core, DPW, Parking Core, Porto-Core, and Map Core, visually communicates the necessary info for all fireflies, during the event. 

We are looking for a new Co-lead this year. If you are interested, email and/or go to This Signage Core Page for more info.

Coffee Kitchen—Ready for your cup to runneth over?

If you are a Firefly volunteer and want to “steep” up your participation—Coffee Kitchen Core needs a few new co-leads (the more the merrier!).

As part of Firefly infrastructure we provide energy and camaraderie for all volunteers working morning, noon and night. By the numbers: we brew around 40 pounds of coffee, 300+ cups of tea, 200+ cups of hot chocolate, and gallons of EmergenC. In addition, we provide a wash station and a stove for those who have neither. We are looking for co-leads who want to take ownership and make a mark (coffee rings?)

If you are interested and want to know more please email:

Placement is looking for new blood!

Firefly has more camps and art than ever before. How do we fit it all on the hill without things descending into (total) chaos? Placement Core!

Placement is particularly looking for folks who can help wrangle the deluge of emails, inquiries, and questionnaire processing that happens in the lead up to Placement weekend and ultimately the event.

Please contact if you are interested!

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