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Secret Goth Club

You can’t sit with us…

…but what you can do is join us in our ostentatious hideout full of all things dark and spooky! Yes, this chaotic collective of outdoor cats is once again building an increasingly less-secret goth club during the most un-goth season of the year.

Now that the secret’s out, come languish with us for our Unhappy Hour(s), Slow & Sexy Party, Hookah Lounge, and other offerings newly emerged from the shadows. Drink deep of our cocktails, mocktails, and savage mockery! Mope about your frustrations, we will (maybe) offer a sympathetic ear! Stomp your dusty li’l feet to the beat of a song that isn’t actually goth but still slaps! The night is yours for the taking.

…ok fine, you can sit with us. <3

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