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An extremely unpopular theme camp, COVID-19 cause sufficient disruption in 2020 that we took a break from the forest. There is still debate as to whether Camp COVID-19 violated the principle of "Civic Responsibility" with its blatant disregard for participant…

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VIVARIA's purpose is to foster interpersonal connection among small groups of people. You are the creatures in our terrarium domes – you and a handful of strangers or friends, who decide together to open one of our self-guided activity boxes…

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Love & Lions Den

Love and Lions Den

The Love and Lions Den has been fur-nishing some roar-ingly good times at Firefly since 2010! Come spin in our fire circle, dance at our big stage, and make sounds, friends & memories. Where will your TailQuest take you?! RAWWR!
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Astral Chill

Astral Chill is the oasis where evocative flights of inner-spatial drone-sound dimensioneering are unfurled. The audio cauldron mingles with the dance of laser insect simulations on the encircling pine bowers overhead—and makes for some unusually heady times. Drone improvisers of…

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Hall of Arkham

Flunkies, Burnouts, Melvins and unwanted Hooligans of Hogwarts Extension School of Urquhart Castle, Drumnadrochit, Inverness, Inverness-shire IV63 6XJ, United Kingdom. APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION. These wizards are wanted and should be considered dangerous. Beware of any potions, elixirs, spells, enchantments,…

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