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Building the Bug (Photo: Rick Pareles)

Building the Bug (Photo: Rick Pareles)

Work Weekends are where we pick up the chainsaws and shovels and do the infrastructure projects needed to make Firefly happen. They are also used for Art & Theme Camp placement, bug building and some preliminary Theme Camp preparation.

Since Firefly happens because of volunteers, we are looking for some volunteers to participate in several Work Weekends prior to the event. Work Weekends are also when placement for Theme Camps and Art Installations takes place. Please come prepared to work! You *must* sign up ahead of time to attend a Work Weekend, and will need to check in upon arrival. If you are not signed up ahead of time, you will be asked to leave the site.  Site capacity for Work Weekend volunteers is limited, so please make sure you sign up early.

All work and no play isn’t any fun, but please keep in mind that everyone’s priority during the Work Weekends is to accomplish necessary tasks and complete required projects to make Firefly happen. Some of this year’s projects and tasks include: erecting Base Camp and other event structures, expanding existing trails and camping areas, repair to washed-out roads, clearing trees which have fallen over the winter, digging holes and trenches for drainage, parking lot preparation, and building the Bug.

2018 Work Weekends:

  • June 8-10:  Smaller prep work.  Gathering sticks for the Bug, marking new trails, clearing trails, and other light work.
  • June 15-17:  General purpose.  DPW infrastructure projects, road work, Bug barn-raising.  Placement is June 17th.
  • June 22-24:  General purpose.  Finishing infrastructure projects.
  • June 29-July 1:  Last-minute finishing of major projects (Bug, Temple); event prep like sign installation.  No general-purpose volunteering.

You need to sign up for each Work Weekend you plan to attend, so we can plan jobs and parking and food appropriately!

Sign up for a Work Weekend

Detailed Work Weekend guidelines and polices can be found on the Policies Page.

If you want more background on what’s might be useful to do and/or bring, here’s a big DPW description of WW activities!

If you have questions relating to any of the work weekends, please email

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