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Ice in the woods!

ICE HOLE returns to offer ice for coolers One again the cooool a.f. ICE HOLE project is returning to give away ice at Firefly - funded by donations collected from the community before the event begins. Want to contribute funds…

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The Love & Lions Den

Camp Love and Lions Den has been fur-nishing some roar-ingly good fun at New England's regional burn, Firefly, since 2010. We provide sound and music of all genres, cozy cuddle spaces, and art projects for the community to enjoy. Rawwwr!

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Camp Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen Of Death

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Firefly Town Hall, May 5th, 5-8pm

Firefly’s Annual Town Hall What-ho; a Firefly gathering before ye woods?  After a long day at Somerville Open Studios, come meet Firefly core leads and hear about all the volunteer possibilities.  Learn what the heck a Gnome is. Ask real humans…

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Bring Fire Art to Firefly

Calling all fire artists! If you plan to bring Fire Art to Firefly, you must fill out the Firefly Fire Art Registration Form.  Fire Core approval is necessary to run or burn any Fire Art and allows Fire Core/FAST to plan for…

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Time to Sign up for SFTY3rd

Hey Firefly volunteers- ever wondered how to help in an emergency? Got some time in May? Come to SFTY3rd May 11-13 in beautiful Scarborough, Maine.  If you volunteer for a Firefly Core you are eligible to attend our 5th annual…

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Firefly Coffee Kitchen!

Fireflies: there is a Firefly Coffee Kitchen! "For when you've woken up for your volunteer shift and you need that little boost!" We brew coffee all day, and long into the night. We are located at the top of the…

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Ride Board!

Much rides still needed, Very drivers offering, Amaze. Be sure to update your Ride Board listings or check whether you can offer a ride. Carpooling and helping your fellow Fireflies is part of the magic that makes the event work…

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Hydraulic Highway Closed

Hawks think of nothing but murder all day Most of Hydraulic Highway will be closed to all traffic for the event. (The bathing pool is still accessible from the top of Hydraulic at Porklandia/PBJ.) The road closure is protecting an…

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