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Interested in helping out with the leadership of firefly?

Firefly’s organizational tasks are divided into what we call “cores”. You’ve probably even heard of a few of them (Parking, Gate, Greeters, DPW). Each core is run by a few volunteers. Ideally for each core, we’d like to have 2 to 3 co-leads with the hope that one co-lead has experience leading that core and the other co-lead is new and excited to help with their fresh ideas. This is where YOU all come in! You do have ideas for how you’d like to shape Firefly, right?

We’ve begun the planning process for this year’s event and there are some new openings in various cores. (Generally volunteer experience in a core is preferred before becoming a lead, but that varies by core and is not a firm requirement.)


  • Parking – 1-2 co-leads requested, email


  • Transport Core – 1 co-lead requested, email
  • Gnomes – Lead needed, email


  • DPW – new blood to help John from Maine?


  • Fire Core (FAST): Leads wanted:

If you’re interested in any other core lead position, email either the current core leads or A full listing of cores (along with descriptions of duties) can be found on our Volunteer Cores page.

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