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Banned in Boston

We are a spot for the unsheltered coming in late, the recently campless, or those first timers that want to know they have a place to camp. We have a walled canopy and a tarp over some tables for a…

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Firefly Hash House Harriers (FH3)

We are the Hash House Harriers (H3), known as "a drinking club with a running problem." Our mission: share hashing with Firefly while keeping the beer cold. Join us for one of our Hashy Happy Hours where we will share…

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Dragon Logo

Camp Elementary

Welcome travelers, You may find us out & about - often serving a unique selection of herbal teas, roaming with the Jasmine Dragon. You may also find us at home...sometimes. Stop by Elementary for tea, relax in the pagoda and…

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Llamlaland is a llovin’ lland o’ llamas with a llust for music and dance, warm fuzzy snuggles, and llots of llaughs and cheer. We welcome anyone to visit our tucked away haven in the Wild Wild West, where we llamas…

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Hall of Arkham

Flunkies, Burnouts, Melvins and unwanted Hooligans of Hogwarts Extension School of Urquhart Castle, Drumnadrochit, Inverness, Inverness-shire IV63 6XJ, United Kingdom. APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION. These wizards are wanted and should be considered dangerous. Beware of any potions, elixirs, spells, enchantments,…

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A cartoon of a homeless man living in a cardboard box

Homeless Shelter

We are a spot for the homeless coming in late, the recently homeless, or those first timers that want to know they have a place to camp. We have a walled canopy and a tarp over some tables for a…

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Howl Logo, wolves howling (presumably at the moon)


Do you love dancing and fire art? We'll have DJs playing and fire art burning every night. Follow the howls and look for the giant LED moon at the top of the hill!

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Suds & spuds

Suds & Spuds

Suds & Spuds pours tasty homebrewed beers, meads, and other beverages throughout Firefly! Stop by our bar for a quick sip, sit and stay a spell in our lounge, or spin in our fire circle. There will be potatoes… tomorrow!

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Accessibility Transportation

Accessibility Transportation  If you have trouble getting around and are worrying about how to get your things up the hill, Accessibility would like to help you out! More information can be found here Please Note:  Accessibility Transport is intended only…

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Phage will be infecting the woods with science talks, bass music, fractals, microscopy, and AI-generated video art.

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Camp Fire Camp logo

Camp Fire Camp

Offering late night community campfire when the music comes down with events like: story telling, whisky share & tell, marshmallow roasts, and more! Bring your roasty toasties and throw em on the fire Stop by our path side sitting room,…

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Interaction Café

We serve what you are really looking for at Firefly: Memorable interactions with quality burners!  Rather than searching aimlessly and making small-talk, come in the café and choose the exact kind of interaction that YOU want off of our menu. …

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Diode invites you to partake in our aural delights. Cozy up by our fire pit, lounge in our cargo nets and gaze at the LED art, enjoy libations at our bar, or come dance up a storm to mixed genre…

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