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Suds & Spuds

Suds & Spuds pours tasty homebrewed beers, ciders, and various other concoctions. Stop in for a quick sip, sit and stay a spell in our lounge, or spin in our fire circle. There'll be potatoes tomorrow.

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Get your dance fix with Diode! Late-night festivities featuring a variety of electronic music styles. An always changing dance floor, cargo net lounges, fire pit to keep warm, LED Art, friendly bar with craft beer, and plenty of space for…

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Party Snakes

We are a small (< 10 person) camp who will be building the firefly temple in 2019 and bringing at least one other art installation. Camp highlights include incoherently catchy songwriting and One!Big!Tent!

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Astral Chill

Astral Chill is the oasis where evocative flights of inner-spatial drone-sound dimensioneering are unfurled. The audio cauldron mingles with the dance of laser insect simulations on the encircling pine bowers overhead—and makes for some unusually heady times. Drone improvisers of…

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Gluten Free Halloween

Spooks, spirits, witches, ghouls and gluten-free folk- unite! Come celebrate the best holiday of all with allergy-friendly treats, custom Tarot readings in the Tarot Tent, plant/weed walks led by herbalist witches, Happy Hour (witching hour!) drinks, and other Halloween surprises.…

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The Neighborhood

Welcome to The Neighborhood! Here you’ll find a comfortable porch, curious lawn decorations, friendly faces, a comfy and/or womfy zone, and the occasional curmudgeon. Enjoy mocktails, a seat by the fire, or just a rest for a weary traveler. Won’t…

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Hall of Arkham

Flunkies, Burnouts, Melvins and unwanted Hooligans of Hogwarts Extension School of Urquhart Castle, Drumnadrochit, Inverness, Inverness-shire IV63 6XJ, United Kingdom. APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION. These wizards are wanted and should be considered dangerous. Beware of any potions, elixirs, spells, enchantments,…

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Uncanny Valley

Hey guys welcome to our camp we are sooooooooooooo excited ever since we watched polar express we’ve been very stimulated by the idea of uncanny valley. Come and stop by to our place. We will have lots of things just like…

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Camp Mellow Orange

We're definitely not saying Camp Mellow Orange is the mellowest camp around. Firefly has lots of mellow camps, and competition vibes are the scientific opposite of mellow vibes, so far be it from us to claim we're tops. That said,…

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Small Furry Woodland Camp

Come get small at SFW Camp... We'll have fruits & nuts, and maybe some food too. We'll be warm and (mostly) dry in our indoor forest (onesies optional). Commune with nature, even in the middle of the woods. At night,…

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Obsidian Beauty Camp

Obsidian Beauty Bar was created with the intent to share our gifts and knowledge with others through hair design creations, and mind, body & soul healing methods. Oshun's Mirror was created to help people use transit astrology to transform their…

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Femme Domme Camp

Femme Domme Camp {{|You Must Be 18+|}} Coaxed by the red light, you wander towards the pair of illuminated cubes with harpy feminine silhouettes within. Welcome to the dungeon in the woods, where kinky Fireflies can play and curious creatures…

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