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Ice in the woods!

ICE HOLE returns to offer ice for coolers One again the cooool a.f. ICE HOLE project is returning to give away ice at Firefly - funded by donations collected from the community before the event begins. Want to contribute funds…

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Camp Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen Of Death

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Firefly Coffee Kitchen!

Fireflies: there is a Firefly Coffee Kitchen! "For when you've woken up for your volunteer shift and you need that little boost!" We brew coffee all day, and long into the night. We are located at the top of the…

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Ride Board!

Much rides still needed, Very drivers offering, Amaze. Be sure to update your Ride Board listings or check whether you can offer a ride. Carpooling and helping your fellow Fireflies is part of the magic that makes the event work…

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Hydraulic Highway Closed

Hawks think of nothing but murder all day Most of Hydraulic Highway will be closed to all traffic for the event. (The bathing pool is still accessible from the top of Hydraulic at Porklandia/PBJ.) The road closure is protecting an…

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Fire Conclave Safety Meetings

Dates and times have been set for Fire Spinning Safety Meetings, which are required to spin in conclave.  Don’t conclave without doing the thing: Thursday, 12-1pm @ Love & Lions Den Friday, 1-2pm @ Diode

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The Mush Room

Mush. The Mush Room. The mushroom. All are The Mush Room! All Fireflies are invited to come get yer daily mush every "morning" (on burner time), chill by our fire pit (just look for the big ring of toad stools), and sing a song to the Amanita Musicalia, our big glowy mushroom tucked away in the woods. So mush, so mush room, for you at The Mush Room!
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We’re a camp focused on bringing the virtual into the woods at Firefly, exploring digital identity, virtual reality, and radical notions of queerness. We strive to cultivate a cool cyberqueer aesthetic while providing a chillout/spa space and hosting some fun events such as our GAY SPA DAY SPA (big queer dance party, all invited!) after Miss Firefly. We’re located just below Diode on Innerstate Interstate. This will be our sixth year as a camp! Swing by and say Hi!
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Library Camp

Welcome to Library Camp! Located in the quieter side of Firefly, Library Camp is a great place to sit back, relax, and chill out. Browse our collection of books to read, and (if you make a library card) even check them out! Library hours are 24/7, rain or shine. Be sure to make it to our spelling bee and book reading events! Having fun isn't hard when you have a library card!
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