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No in-person event July 2021

As many of you have no doubt surmised, we will be unable to gather this June and July for what would have been Firefly 2021. We feel it would be irresponsible and potentially damaging to the health and well-being of our extended community to hold our in-person event this year, and wanted to let you all know so that you may plan accordingly.
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Love & Lions Den

Love and Lions Den

The Love and Lions Den has been fur-nishing some roar-ingly good times at Firefly since 2010! Come spin in our fire circle, dance at our big stage, and make sounds, friends & memories. Where will your TailQuest take you?! RAWWR!
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Experimental Burn Sponsorship Program

Announcement and Call for Discussion Firefly Arts Collective will organizationally and financially support experimental new Burn events growing out of the Firefly community. We are now requesting open discussion that will lead to formal proposals by motivated new leaders. We…

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Results from 2019 Survey are up

We collected feedback from 495 consenting respondents from last summer's event, representing more than 40% of all attendees. We asked about 50 questions across several categories: Firefly basics; Demographics; Safety and Comfort; Participation; Experience in 2019; and Looking Forward. See…

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2019 Survey

Time for feedback and data! The Firefly Post-Event Survey is ready. Like the BRC Census, it helps us to know who we are, what we think, and how the event went. Help out if you so choose! Deadline is July…

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Shisha Shack

Shisha Shack is a place for conversation, contemplation, and perhaps even a snack or two. A relative newcomer and centrally located, we have been found to be a retreat from the din around us. Please stop in and introduce yourself,…

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Down in Flufferville live sparkleponies with a cause: we keep you hard at work, so we don't have to. Our mission is to be compulsively and consentually helpful. Stop by to use our patented Tick Check Booth and refresh yourself…

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Rainbow Dinosaurs

Rainbow Dinosaurs love you! We’re happy to be back in the woods, offering a quiet, out of the way spot to relax, access your big Dino heart, and learn about yourself. We’re Jurassically Inclusive! Rawr!

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Gluten Free Halloween

Spooks, spirits, witches, ghouls and gluten-free folk- unite! Come celebrate the best holiday of all with allergy-friendly treats, custom Tarot readings in the Tarot Tent, plant/weed walks led by herbalist witches, Happy Hour (witching hour!) drinks, and other Halloween surprises.…

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Lost items still not found?

There's a good chance Leave No Trace picked up something that might be yours - no really, LNT has 150 gallons of Lost and Found. Lost and Found must be claimed no later than August 1 or your items are being donated. …

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Heat Health PSA

Dr. Feelgood here sending out a friendly PSA: IT'S HOT!   That means we need everyone to take some precautions so you don’t succumb to the heat. First of all use common sense, try to avoid heavy work in the sun…

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Suds & Spuds

Stop by Suds & Spuds for tasty homebrew, cocktails, and other beverages all week long. Sample a sip as you wander, or sit a spell in our lounge. The boozewheel will spin again, one night only! Maybe! Spin the wheel,…

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