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Welcome to Firefly, a circle of circles of friends. Each year we gather in the beauty of the woods to build our own village from the ground up. This is a unique and inspiring community, and we invite you to create a unique and inspired home within it.

What is a Theme Camp?

A “theme camp” means a camp that’s more than a camp. It can be a place to share your art and your wisdom, to celebrate your beliefs and your community, to spend time with friends and welcome visitors, to host classes or rituals, to party, to chill, to dance, and eventually to sleep. Camps are the organs that make up the Firefly creature; we depend on them for fun and for survival.

See the tips below, Things to know when running a theme camp. Some theme camps have a schedule of events, which you can publish in our official listings (“What-Where-When Guide“) if you choose.

Registering Your Theme Camp

There is an official placement system for assigning and reserving camp sites for theme camps at Firefly.  We have plenty of space, so conflicts are rare, and camps who are interested in the same site often end up collaborating to create something even better.  Camps with amplified sound or other loud noise should find sites that are not too close to our neighbors. Check the event map or work with Art & Theme Camp Placement for help.

2017 Theme Camps

Send us your camp description with a picture to add your camp listing here!

Art Support Kamp A.S.K. !

A.S.K. is here to help you fix your broken art of any kind! Missing that crucial bolt? Blinkies not working? Troublesome code got you down? We’ll have tools and supplies to get your art working again. And if you need it we’ll help match you up with a knowledgeable Firefly to help you with your fix. Remember, “If you need help A.S.K.!(Staffed hours: 10am-4pm)

Breakfast Sandwich Camp

What the egg did you just egging say about me, you english muffin? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Culinary Institute of America, and I’ve been involved in numerous softboiled raids on Al-Sriracha, and I have over 300 delighted campers served. I am trained in yolk-based warfare and I’m the top avocado in the entire US cheese forces.

(We are serving breakfast sandwiches when we feel like it, come eat them!)

Bring A Cup

In the woods you may come upon many magnificent sights. Are they real? Is that a castle? Do you hear music, people laughing? Come into our tavern and sample our wizards’ brews, handcrafted just for Fireflies. You may hear rumors of a speakeasy, of quests with treasures for the bold, of dragons. The wizards of Bring A Cup have turned this little corner of forest into a fantasy land, and all we’re missing is you.

Cabana Hammock

The laziest camp at Firefly returns for another round of hammock-swinging, cocktail-swilling, music-chilling simplicity.  When you’ve had enough of Burning your candle at both ends, come on over our way, and watch the world go by for awhile.

Camp Blue Screen Of Death

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Camp Greenhouse Music Lounge

Camp Greenhouse Music Lounge makes its debut this year for Firefly 2017. What are we all about? Music of course! CGHML is about bringing diversity into the musical soundscape at Firefly. In the past years there has been a clear lack of instrumental music and performance as well as a lack of diversity in musical styles being played through sound systems. Here at CGHML we are excited to get the Firefly community involved in instrumental music…

Camp Here

Camp Here! Not Camp There! Unless, of course, Camp There is here, but since Camp There can’t be there, pay us a visit at Camp Here!


Get your dance fix with Diode! Late-night festivities featuring a variety of electronic music styles. Color-changing LED’s, lasers, camp fire, fire art, bar, cargo net lounges, and plenty of space for dancing  under the stars — We are a fun group of artists that love all types of art and technology.  Come find us at the top of the hill!

Fluffer Camp

Sparkle ponies with a cause! Fluffer Camp is a laid back crew that like to instigate shenanigans and keep Fireflies hard at work through their fluffing missions.

Friendship and Unicorns Creation Collective

The FUCC is founded upon the principals of having hot nutritious food in the woods and a safe relaxing place to hang out. We serve two hot vegetarian meals per day (breakfast and dinner), with most of it being vegan and gluten free.


Come sail the seas of smooth on the good ship GLAMP! We are a family of lovable scamps contributing to the wonder of Firefly with our special brand of glamor that includes happy hour heated showers (happy endings are extra), a Yacht rock party and assorted visual feasts throughout the burn. We invite you to be seduced by GLAMP CAMP!

Gluten Free Halloween

Love Halloween? Of course you do!

Camp Gluten Free Halloween brings the magic and revelry of All Hallows Eve to Firefly, without the allergens. Witches with wheat allergies, spooks who get the gluten-pukes, serious Celiac’s, and all Fireflies are welcome to enjoy treats without fear!

Jhorts and a giant french press

Bringing back the giant french press, we had cold press last the entire event last year and we’d like to do it again.

Library Camp

Welcome to Library Camp!  Located in the quieter side of Firefly, Library Camp is a great place to sit back, relax, and chill out.  Browse our collection of books to read, and (if you make a library card) even check them out! Library hours are 24/7, rain or shine. Be sure to make it to our spelling bee and book reading events! Having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card!

Little Winter Hill

Little Winter Hill is a camp that seeks to bring the unique and exotic culture of Somerville, Massachusetts to the woods. Expect cultural festivals, traditional food and drink, artistic and spiritual displays, and the friendly, welcoming spirit that truly represents our humble way of life. Also, whiskey.

Love & Lions Den

Welcome to the Love & Lions Den, fur-nishing some roar-ingly good Firefly fun since 2010! We’re a playful and silly bunch who can often be found lounging in our cargo nets & hammocks. Order your favorite embrace at our Hug Deli, then lay around in our snuggly Lion’s Lounge while gazing at the fire spinners. Or shake your booty at our groovy stage, featuring both live and electronic music. ROAR!


Between Pancakes and Lamps exists a carnivorous, campfire lit crossroads.  Each year we morph closer to our final form, but the name is always meaty.  Who knows what you may find there:  Queer tea?  Axe throwing and saké tasting?  Goth night and wine dispensing babies?  A drag film festival?  Our DJs attract dancing, sarcasm, pre-gaming, and bears.  Drop by and warm yourself by the fire we tend.

Revolution MEOW!

From Flaming Shots to Deadly Darts, RevMEOW!! is back again to make everyone just a little nervous. Hosting scheduled and impromptu events in the KittenDome throughout the week. Come by and say HI, have a drink at the BadIdeaBar and try not to hurt yourself. <3

Rumi’s Tea House

We serve tea, occasionally, and good vibes, always.

Sky Is Elven

Forged in the fires of Ground Is Lava, Sky is Elven is a collective of artists, performers, academics, and engineers who bring large-scale art installations and immersive experiences to Firefly. We are dark and decadent elves, who invite you to climb our treetop platforms that will keep you safe from lava and then descend into the opulent pleasures of our elven Cuddledome, where you will find beautiful butterflies, delirious dragonflies, lovely luna moths, and of course, many exquisitely cuddly elves!

Strange Maine

Strange Maine is made up of a bunch of creative folks from…MAINE! We do our best to bring all things Maine to the woods with us. Come party in our Lighthouse, hang out with our Lobsters,  and don’t forget to visit our *new* Gifting Tree. We have many events planed, please come by and say hello. Ayuh?

Suds & Spuds

Suds today.  Spuds tomorrow.

The Mush Room

Mush. The Mush Room. The mushroom. All are The Mush Room! All Fireflies are invited to come get yer daily mush every “morning” (on burner time), chill by our fire pit (just look for the big ring of toad stools), and sing a song to the Amanita Musicalia, our big glowy mushroom tucked away in the woods. So mush, so mush room, for you at The Mush Room!

The Shire

Technically not a theme-camp, but a themed open-camping area. “The Shire” is a sound-camp free, quiet zone. No official theme-camp events or members, so open and welcome to anyone, but it is most suited for experienced campers and hikers because it is located way way up at top of “Point -of -no-Return” trail. Technically this location is off the map and any further north is officially restricted by Firefly (you’ll know when you’ve gone too far).

The Universe

The Universe is a camp focused on community, cooking, and chill.  We have common areas for conversation, cuddling, and low-key activities.  We love art, color, and lighting — come hang out in our cuddle pools underneath the light show!  We also like cooking and giving away food to other Fireflies — watch for our food stand that pops up on Mercurial from time to time!


Totenkitten is a fascist demagoguery devoted to crushing all opposition and imposing our will on the masses. Initially conceived as a reaction to the decadent weakness of other organizations, Totenkitten quickly took on a life of its own. It is only a matter of time before the members of Totenkitten bestride the world as gods, viewing what they have wrought by the light of burning cities. All will be broken beneath the wheels of our war machines.

Cocktails served daily.


We’re a camp focused on bringing the virtual into the woods at Firefly, exploring digital identity, virtual reality, and radical notions of queerness. We strive to cultivate a cool cyberqueer aesthetic while providing a chillout/spa space and hosting some fun events such as our GAY SPA DAY SPA (big queer dance party, all invited!) after Miss Firefly. We’re located just below Diode on Innerstate Interstate. This will be our sixth year as a camp! Swing by and say Hi!

Woodland Magick

Spirits, nymphs, faeries, ghosts, fireflies, and Fireflies. These woods have magick in them, and that is by design! Stop by to learn about the shrines, get a divination, share some ghost stories, and trade tales of magick in all its forms…or just come by to eat snacks and hang out with the locals.

Other things to know when running a theme camp

Leave No Trace

Firefly is a Leave No Trace event. This means we are expected to remove everything we bring to the land, down to the last cigarette butt. We plan ahead to have minimal impact on the land, and we don’t change the land unless we’re able to change it back. Plan to have your camp sweep the area to search for errant objects, trash, and recycling.

Fire Pits

There are a limited number of established fire pits throughout the Firefly site – these sites have all been pre-approved by the landowner, as they change the character of the land.  For this reason, digging new fire pits for personal or camp use is not permitted.  All established fire pits are communal–go warm up and meet your fellow Fireflies! Read more on fire pits and camp fire guidelines on the Fire Policies page.

Food and Drink

Firefly participants provide their own food and drink. Collaborating with your friends to plan good meals for your camp can be a lot of fun, and planning extra food or drink to share with visitors can be a great way to make friends and participate. When planning, keep in mind that you will be expected to haul away any trash, so you may want to leave unnecessary packaging at home.


Chris drumming, photo by KyleFirefly attracts amazing DJ’s, musicians, bands, and performance artists, and we often hear from new ones who would like to play for us. There is no official “main stage” at Firefly, and theme camps are popular gathering places, so musicians are frequently looking for theme camps to play at. You may want to provide them with a mellow place to jam. Or if you are ambitious you may want to provide a performance space with amplified sound. If your camp is interested in hosting musicians, post to the Fireflyblink discussion list – they will be happy to hear from you.

Getting In and Out

Depending on how far your camp happens to be from the parking lot, you may need to move your gear quite a ways on foot. Think big, but be prepared. If you’re new to Firefly and planning an elaborate camp, use the discussion lists to network with experienced Fireflies and learn what to expect.

Working with the Land

Nature often puts Firefly to the test with rain, mud, and cold. In these times, your camp has the opportunity to become truly legendary if you can successfully provide your neighbors with shelter, warmth, and dry places to chill.

It is possible to shelter large clearings with tarps hung from trees. Talk to other Fireflies to learn more from our community’s many self-made tarp experts.

The ground at the Firefly site contains clay, so water often collects or flows along the surface before being absorbed. Before you set up, take a close look at your site and think about how it will drain. Choosing the right place for your tent will help you avoid waking up in a puddle.

Ground that is completely cleared of leaves and brush is more likely to erode and turn to mud under rain and feet. Don’t clear an area completely if you don’t need to, and do your best to re-cover cleared areas at the end of the event.

Fire Art

Out of respect for safety and wise use of our land, all projects involving fire should be discussed with the Fire and Safety Team before the event. If you have a project idea that requires fire, or if you have any other questions, please contact the Fire Core lead.


There are no wall sockets in the woods.  You should be prepared to provide your own electricity – whether it’s by portable generator, solar array, or bicycle-powered boombox machine.  If you have questions about providing power for you or your theme camp, reach out to the community – odds are that someone else has faced a similar dilemma at some point in the past.  You can also direct power-related questions to the Infrastructure / DPW Core.


In order for your neighbors to enjoy your camp, they’ll need to be able to get to it. A volunteer crew marks the main trails at Firefly, but you may want to take responsibility for marking smaller trails near your site. If you notice trails turning to mud-puddles in the rain, do your best to fill or reinforce them with brush.

Fireflies are known to stay up all night, wandering the woods with eyes half-blinded by the many glowy wonders.  Marking trails and entrances to your camp with glow-sticks or glow-in-the-dark art can help you find your way home. If you set up any art or structures that someone could trip on, crash into, or be clothes-lined by, it is very important to light them at night.

Getting a Head Start

If you’re thinking big, you may want to start setting up your camp during one of the pre-event work weekends.  In this event, we ask that you and your crew also devote some of your time to projects that are vital to the whole event, such as maintaining outhouses, trails, and fire pits. When packing, keep in mind that what you bring to the site over multiple weekends may be difficult to remove in one.

Making Contact

Now that you’ve feeling inspired to create something awesome, we want to know about it!  Registering your theme camp allows you to pick a spot for your camp at one of the Work Weekends. it gets you placed on the Firefly event map, and your events will be added to the WhatWhereWhen guide, so everyone knows when the party is at your place.  If you have any questions about theme camp registration or placement, contact the Art and Theme Camp Placement Core.

Anything is possible at Firefly with collaboration between participants. If you have a great idea but need volunteers, advice, or resources to make it happen, use the discussion list to find them. You may be amazed by what our community can provide.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Diode, 2012, photo by Eric

Diode, 2012, photo by Eric

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